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Our firm is distinguished by having a high level of experience in business valuations, with a special focus on medical practice appraisals. This wealth of experience covers a wide range of medical specialties, including but not limited to Internal Medicine, Pathology, Ophthalmology, Nephrology, Optometry, Dental, and Chiropractic practices. Our extensive involvement in these sectors has equipped us with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and nuances involved in valuing medical practices.


We are adept at managing a variety of complex appraisal situations such as divorce settlements, strategic acquisitions, and partner buyouts. Our expertise in these areas is backed by a solid track record of handling sensitive and high-stakes valuations with precision and professionalism.


Beyond our appraisal services, our team brings a wealth of practical experience in the sale and negotiation of small business transactions. This real-world experience is invaluable in navigating the often challenging and contentious scenarios that arise in medical practice transactions.


Our approach is holistic, extending beyond valuation to include comprehensive consulting throughout the transaction process. This is especially crucial in medical practice buyouts, where we not only perform detailed business valuations but also advise on transaction terms. This ensures the appropriate treatment of personal goodwill, a critical factor in medical practice valuations.


Furthermore, we take an active role in communicating our valuation findings to other partners or advisors. This ensures that all parties have a clear and thorough understanding of our valuation conclusions, fostering trust and consensus.


In compliance with the professional Standards for Valuation Services set by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA), our reports are detailed, accurate, and respected in various legal and business environments.


In summary, our firm offers a depth of experience in medical practice appraisals that is among the highest in the area. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of scenarios, enabling us to provide not just valuations but comprehensive solutions that address the unique challenges of each situation. Our commitment to precision, professionalism, and comprehensive service positions us as a valuable partner in the complex world of business valuations.




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WHY Start with a FREE Consultation?

1. We understand how to carve-out or transfer professional goodwill- This is significant in most cases!


2. We will estimate a ball-park value over the phone. This could save you much time and money!


3. We will address the circumstances around the valuation to ensure you are on the right path.


4. Let's determine if you really need a valuation. Our goal is to tell you the truth, not sell you something.


5. WE DO what WE SAY we will do, so we come highly recommend from our past clients and attorneys.





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