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Our medical practice business valuations have included various specialties: Internal Medicine, Pathology, Ophthalmology, Nephrology, Optometry, Dental, Chiropractic, etc.


Practical experience is very important for medical practice partner buyouts, partner disputes, or other buy-sell business valuations. Most Business Appraisers have never actually sold a business, so their knowledge is relegated to an academic perspective, which could render the opinion worthless.


For many years, in addition to performing business appraisals, our team members have been selling small businesses and negotiating terms between Buyers and Sellers. We have encountered just about every obstacle one could imagine, including numerous contentious scenarios. We apply this knowledge from these experiences to our engagements, enabling us to perform more pragmatic, realistic business valuations of small businesses.


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IN MEDICAL PRACTICE BUYOUTS:  As a crucial ancillary benefit, which is included in our service, we not only perform the business valuation, but also provide consulting throughout the entire process.  This could be the difference between “making and breaking” the deal. Especially true for medical practices, the terms of the transaction are key to properly relegating the personal goodwill.


Also, as part of our services, we will present the valuation to the other partner or various advisors to make sure everyone understands why our conclusion is fair and reasonable.


Since our business valuations are in compliance with the Institute of Business Appraiser's professional Standards for Valuation Services, our detailed reports meet the requirements of all recognized appraisal societies.




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WHY Start with a FREE Consultation?

1. We understand how to carve-out or transfer professional goodwill- This is significant in most cases!


2. We will estimate a ball-park value over the phone. This could save you much time and money!


3. We will address the circumstances around the valuation to ensure you are on the right path.


4. Let's determine if you really need a valuation. Our goal is to tell you the truth, not sell you something.


5. WE DO what WE SAY we will do, so we come highly recommend from our past clients and attorneys.





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