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Practical experience plays a pivotal role in partner buyouts, resolving partner disputes, and conducting other buy-sell business valuations. Many Business Appraisers lack direct experience in selling businesses, which may limit their knowledge to theoretical understanding. This limitation can potentially diminish the value of their opinions in practical scenarios.


Over the years, our team has not only conducted business appraisals but also actively engaged in the sale of small businesses, mediating between buyers and sellers. This hands-on experience has equipped us with insights into a wide range of challenges, including complex and contentious situations. We leverage this extensive knowledge in our valuation engagements, ensuring that our appraisals of small businesses are grounded in practicality and realism.


In the context of partner buyouts, our services extend beyond mere valuation. We offer comprehensive consulting throughout the entire process as an integral part of our services. This holistic approach can be instrumental in the success or failure of the transaction.


Additionally, we present our valuation findings to the other partners and their advisors, ensuring clarity and understanding regarding the fairness and reasonableness of our conclusions.


Our business valuations adhere to the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst (NACVA) Standards for Valuation Services. This compliance guarantees that our detailed reports meet the criteria of all recognized appraisal societies.


Finally, our business valuations are both high-quality and cost-effective. We offer our services at a fraction of the price charged by many business appraisal firms, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality or accuracy.



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WHY Start with a FREE Consultation?

1. You get valuable, FREE advice from an Expert with practical experience in selling companies.


2. We will estimate a ball-park value over the phone. This could save you much time and money!


3. We will address the circumstances around the valuation to ensure you are on the right path.


4. Let's determine if you really need a valuation. Our goal is to tell you the truth, not sell you something.


5. WE DO what WE SAY we will do, so we come highly recommend from our past clients and attorneys.





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