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Our firm, with extensive expertise in assisting with marriage dissolution cases, is particularly skilled in the equitable division of businesses owned by divorcing spouses. We understand the importance of accurately determining the fair market value of such businesses in divorces where they are considered shared marital assets.

While our experience and expertise are recognized in courts, we prioritize resolving cases before they reach court. This approach is driven by our commitment to minimizing conflict and avoiding additional expenses for our clients. Most of our cases are successfully resolved prior to court proceedings, reflecting our effectiveness in negotiation and valuation. Our goal is always to achieve a fair and equitable outcome with the least possible financial and emotional strain for those involved.


We bring significant experience in testifying as expert witnesses in marital dissolution cases, showcasing our deep understanding and capability in this field. Notably, a couple of our cases have escalated to the appellate courts, where our findings and testimonies have been affirmed, underscoring the credibility and thoroughness of our work.


Our approach to divorce business valuations is both meticulous and sensitive to the complexities involved. We work in close collaboration with your legal team, ensuring that our valuation conclusions and reports are precisely tailored to fit your local legal environment and specific circumstances.


Our commitment to fairness and balance is guided by these principles:

  1. Full compliance with the National Association of Business Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) Standards for Valuation Services and IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60.

  2. An unwavering commitment to impartiality, avoiding any bias towards either party, and refraining from acting as advocates for any side.

  3. Accurate differentiation between personal and business goodwill in our valuations, with the provision of multiple valuations for different critical dates if required.

  4. A careful balance between business valuation and alimony considerations, to avoid the problem of "double-dipping" and ensure equitable asset division.




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WHY Start with a FREE Consultation?

1.  Let's determine the scope of the business valuation you need. This could impact the cost significantly.


2.  Getting solid, FREE advice upfront from an expert will save you thousands of dollars!


3.  We can estimate a ball-park value over the phone to see if it makes sense to proceed.


4.  We will address the circumstances around the valuation to ensure you are on the right path.




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