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When you're in the midst of personal bankruptcy (Chapter 13) or corporate bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 11) and you own a business, the value of that business becomes a linchpin of the entire process. As seasoned business appraisers, we recognize that our role extends beyond just assigning a value. We are experts in evaluating your business's fair market worth, offering vital guidance during asset liquidation, and providing support for debt restructuring. Our appraisals wield substantial influence, impacting creditor negotiations, court rulings, and the trajectory of your business down the road.


We take great pride in delivering extensive and meticulously detailed reports. These comprehensive deliverables are designed to stand up to the strict scrutiny of an IRS audit, providing you with a level of robustness and confidence that is second to none.


Navigating the complexities of bankruptcy can be a challenging journey. Having the right experts by your side is vital. Our specialized business appraisal services are here to support you through this difficult time. Whether you require a comprehensive business valuation, expert witness testimony, or guidance on asset liquidation, our dedicated team is prepared to assist you. Contact us today for a consultation, and let's discuss how our detailed and robust deliverables can provide valuable support for your business during this critical period.






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Business Valuations

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WHY Start with a FREE Consultation?

1. You get valuable, FREE advice from an Expert that understands federal requirements.


2. We will discuss the impact of personal goodwill. This could be significant.


3. We will address the circumstances around the valuation to ensure you are on the right path.


4. WE DO what WE SAY we will do, so we come highly recommend from our past clients and attorneys.

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